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Baseus USB Type C – Lightning cable has been designed for Apple users who prioritize quick charging of their phones with a power of up to 20W. The device supports PD protocol and is compatible with iPhones series from 12 to 6S. Security is assured thanks to reliable operation attributable to integrated circuit and constant connection temperature, as well as smart adaptation of voltage and amperage to type of devices charged.

Super fast battery charging to 20 W

Quick charging means that you can reach 50% of iPhone battery level with the use of the cable in just 30 minutes. The product complies with 18W and 20W protocols so it is suitable for serving various Apple devices (from 12 to 6S series).

Durable cable for special tasks

The cable is highly durable thanks to top-quality materials. Here are zinc alloy elements covered in UV, which are resistant to fading and oxidizing, as well as rubber pieces protecting phone ports and metal tips of plugs. The cable is secured from the outside by the nylon braided housing. This is why it does not become deformed and break as a result of frequent bending. After folding it, you can use a Velcro supplied to clip it.

Data transfer and charging at the same time

Baseus cable assures instant charging and data transfer – at the same time! After connecting it to PC, active charging and file sending procedures are initiated. Thanks to this cable, you can transfer data between devices at a speed of up to 480 Mbps. This is thanks to USB in standard 2.0.

Brand: Baseus
Material: ABS + TPE
Power: PD 20 W / PD 18 W
Transmission rate: 480 Mbps
Length: 1 m
Plug type: USB Type C, Lightning

Content of the set:
1 x cable USB Type C – Lightning Power Delivery 20 W 1 m

Major features:
Cable adapted to quick charging Power Delivery 20 W.
Compatible with chargers with a power of 20 W and 18 W to iPhone and iPad.
Standard USB 2.0 and data transfer up to 480 Mbps.


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